Shiny new thingy

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Block OpenAI

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Add this to your robots.txt:

User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /

It’ll stop OpenAI’s  bot from crawling your site, and so should keep your content out of its system.

Sonic tidbits via HN

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I check HN daily, often hourly, for new articles to read and love it when music or sound-related content appears. I think I’ll keep up posts like this.

A nice little list of apps I used on my Mac today

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Running Windows 11 on an Apple Silicon Mac got easy

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UTM uses QEMU and lets you run either virtualised or emulated OSes on your Mac. The recently released app, CrystalFetch helps you download a copy of Windows 11 legally. Put these together and a little manual reading and you’ve got yourself a running copy of Windows on your Mac.

I use mine to test this web site – mainly the fonts.

Before CrystalFetch, you had to install Homebrew and a bunch of other stuff through that and it wasn’t guaranteed to work. CrystalFetch seems to be seamless.

TIL: You can’t have more than one main HTML element

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You just can’t. I thought at first that any article, section or in fact any container-kind-of block element – where you could have a header and footer – could have one. Nope. Upon validating my HTML, I found that it is in fact invalid HTML if you’re using more than one main on the page.

TIL: CSS “:is + :is” saves a lot of typing

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Let’s say you have a blog and you’re styling it with CSS. You want to have a line-height-high gap between your main prose block elements: p, ul, ol and blockquote. You could write your selector like:

p + p, p + ul, p + ol, p + blockquote, ul + p, ul + ol

… and so on and so forth for every combination of those elements. Or! Yes – or you could write :is(p, ul, ol, blockquote) + :is(p, ul, ol, blockquote).


The rule ends up like this, by the way, if you have a base line-height of 1.6rem:

article :is(p, ul, ol, blockquote) + :is(p, ul, ol, blockquote) {
  margin-top: 1.6rem;

I’ve actually included figure and pre in my current stylesheet but that rule seems to fit quite nicely on my desktop screen as it is so I’ll leave the example alone.